WILLY WONKA - 6 Player
WILLY WONKA - 6 Player

WILLY WONKA - 6 Player

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Willy Wonka brings the classic movie title to the arcade in a sweet way!

Following in the footsteps of the wildly successful Wizard of Oz �

A full set will be rewarder with a bonus. 

Willy Wonka is the first Elaut coin pusher to use a video monitor to display a game challenge. Players will attempt to accumulate chocolate bars for each token rolled onto the game playfield. Completing the box of chocolate bars will activate the �bonus wheel� which is loaded with ticket and coin values to award the player for completing the challenge.

Willy Wonka is available in 6 Player, 2 Player and 1 Player configurations and can be operated on Coins, Bills, Card Swipe, Free Play, Ticket Out or Ticketless to meet any size location or location needs. Elaut �EMOS� tablet management creates easy operator set up.